A struggle to find myself and my place

For as long as I can remember I have struggled to feel connected to the world around me. While I had family, I lacked much of the sentimentality that would create stronger emotional attachments. While I made friends I never let them get too close and it was easy to get left behind. While I enjoyed exploring the world around me I was always introverted and struggled to open myself up to interaction. Quite simply I never felt as if I fit in anywhere with anyone and drifted through life without direction.

I figured that at some point I would find a path to take and perhaps I have in some ways. But there is a constant struggle in my mind to understand myself and my purpose. There is a constant black hole in my chest that aches for love and yet struggles to understand it. And there is a daily mask I wear to hide my broken soul from the world around me.

This is my reality.